City Directory |    5330 Seaman Road, Oregon, Ohio


Superintendent - John Motycka
Chief Chemist/Pretreatment Coordinator - Sharon Beckford
Chief Operator/Biosolids Coordinator - Todd Smith
Clerk/Accounts & Billing Inquiries - Daniele Walter

The City of Oregon Wastewater Treatment Plant began full operation on December 2, 1977.  Since that time, additional improvements have been undertaken to further enhance the treatment capabilities of the Treatment Plant.  Today, the Wastewater Treatment Plant is capable of treating 8 million gallons per day on a normal basis, and also treating 36 million gallons per day during wet weather periods.  In addition to providing service to the City of Oregon, the facility also receives waste from the City of Northwood, portions of Jerusalem Township, portions of Wood County, and the Villages of Harbor View and Millbury.  Estimated capital costs of all wastewater facilities are approximately $40,000,000.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant operates under a permit issued by the Ohio and United States Environmental Protection Agencies.  The permit requires that the plant remove 90+% of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) and Suspended Solids pollutants year round.  The plant's effluent must also meet phosphorous, coliform bacteria, chlorine, and heavy metals limits, before it can be discharged to Lake Erie.  The Wastewater Treatment Plant also regulates industrial discharges under a pretreatment program approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.  

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