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Wastewater Plant Organization


Plant administration is comprised of the Superintendent, Chief Operator, Chief Chemist and Clerk-Typist.  Typical duties include budgeting, purchasing, training, assigning work tasks, preparing EPA reports, and monitoring plant process control to ensure compliance with Ohio EPA limits and standards.

Plant Operations

The Oregon Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is staffed 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.  The seven operators have a variety of responsibilities, ranging from observing the plant's SCADA system (a computer system that monitors and controls various processes within the WWTP), making visual inspections to observe plant process, status of equipment, and make necessary equipment changes. Operators also perform routine maintenance functions, basic housekeeping, plant grounds maintenance, and laboratory process control testing.

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Five employees staff the Maintenance group: two Instrument Technicians, two Mechanical personnel and one Maintenance worker.   The electrical and mechanical staff troubleshoots and repair equipment at the WWTP, and at the two pump stations located within the Oregon sanitary sewer system.  The electrical and mechanical staff completes an extensive monthly list of preventive maintenance tasks, and is also trained as plant operators.  The Maintenance Worker performs the majority of the plant housekeeping and grounds maintenance, in addition to assisting the operators and maintenance when needed, and performing scheduled safety checks of fire extinguishers, emergency back-up lights, etc. 


The WWTP laboratory performs a variety of tests on the raw wastewater, process streams, and treated effluent to ensure compliance with Ohio EPA limits and standards.  The Chief Chemist and a Chemist-Bacteriologist staff the laboratory.  The WWTP laboratory is also responsible for testing industrial users as part of the City's pretreatment program.

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