City Directory |    5330 Seaman Road, Oregon, Ohio


As part of the 2020 Roadway Improvement Program, the City of Oregon has awarded a contract to Helms & Sons Excavating, Inc. for making repairs and paving N. Edward Street, N. Fargo Street, N. Goodrich Street, N. Goodyear Street, Pullman Avenue and N. Stephen Street. Construction is scheduled to begin the week of June 29, 2020, weather dependent, beginning with the contractor milling and removing a layer of asphalt on the roadway. Following the removal of the top course of asphalt, the contractor will be making base repairs throughout the entire project area. Two layers of asphalt will be placed after base repairs are made. The contractor will maintain one lane of traffic throughout the project limits. Access to driveways will be available at all times, except while the paving operation is in front of the drive. Emergency access to drives will be available at all times.