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Oregon Police Division - Awards Committee

Welcome to the Awards and Commendation section of the Oregon Police Division website.  Annually, the Oregon Police Division holds a banquet to honor the outstanding and exemplary efforts put forth by members of the community and Officers of the police division.  These individuals are recognized in areas that include Valor, Distinction, Achievement, and Lifesaving.  The awards banquet is organized under the direction of the nominated Awards Committee that is comprised of two Sergeants, two Patrolmen, and one Dispatcher.

In the Awards and Commendation section, descriptions of the various awards and the criteria required to be nominated  is provided.  It is through the generous donations and contributions of our community members and businesses that this Awards Banquet is made possible.

Please take a few moments to view all those who have offered their support.  If you are interested in supporting the Oregon Fraternal Order of Police Awards Program, please contact the Awards Committee Chairperson, Sgt Spangler.  419-698-7069

Award Types and Criteria Required

Class 'A' Awards



Awarded to any active member of the division who distinguishes him of herself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of great danger, conspicuous among his/her comrades clearly distinguishing his/her bravery above and beyond the call of duty.  This is the Police Division's highest honor and may be awarded posthumously.  Necessary elements: Active Authorized Personnel - Bravery or Gallantry at the risk of life or limb, beyond doubt - Clearly above and beyond the call of duty - If not done, would not reflect negatively on the officer.​




Awarded to any active member of the division who performs an individual act of heroism, not amounting to that required for the Medal of Valor, or individual acts of extreme high levels of service that extends over a period of time. A Silver Star will be presented with the Medal of Distinguished Service in acts of heroism.




Awarded to any active member of the division who has consistently conducted themselves in a professional manner, to include such traits as courtesy, dependability, cooperation, fairness, general knowledge, integrity, professionalism, loyalty, teamwork, and work effort; and in so doing have promoted a positive image of themselves and the Oregon Police Division. Members of the division must have 10 years of continuous service in the division to be eligible for this award.




Awarded to any active member of the division who, while on duty or in the act of performing a law enforcement function while off-duty has been killed, wounded, or injured as a direct result of any purposeful or neglected act by an individual or individuals, during the commission of or while fleeing immediately after the commission of a criminal offense, said injuries requiring immediate medical attention of hospitalization.




Awarded to any active member of the division who saves or attempts to save a human life through application of medical efforts exceeding the normal call of duty. The saving or attempting to save a life by rescue of a person that is in imminent danger of death.




Annual award that is presented to an officer or dispatcher as nominated by members of the department by popular vote. Based on accumulation of meritorious service as well as cooperation with co-workers.



Class 'B' Awards

Class B awards signify a member's achievement or participation within a certain unit for the Division.  These awards were updated in 2016 to reflect the growth of the agency and the expansion of the additional duties filled by officers.

Military Service


Detective Bureau


Training Officer



Field Training Officer


 Special Response Team


School Resource Officer



DARE Officer


Bike Patrol


Crash Investigation Unit



Honor Guard


Crisis Intervention Team


Crisis Negotiator



 K-9 Unit


Drug Recognition Expert


Public Safety Officer
(Certified EMT)



 Years of Honorable Service


Years of Safe Driving




Class 'C' Awards

Chief's Award - Awarded to a division employee whose level of performance earns them a place on the "Employee of the Year" ballot. This award is in lieu of any Merit Commendations earned by the employee as this award encompasses the pattern of performance throughout the year.

Merit Commendation - May be awarded to a division employee who displays a high degree of initiative and professionalism in the performance of their duties.

Citizen Commendation - May be awarded to any citizen who risks personal safety in order to render aid to law enforcement or who saves or attempts to save the life of a Police Officer who may be in imminent danger of death. This award shall be presented by the Mayor at a City Council meeting or other public forum.

Citizen Recognition Letter - May be awarded to any citizen or group of citizens, who have rendered valuable assistance to the Oregon Police Division. This shall include taking an active role in the community to provide cooperation and support to the division in a degree that far exceeds reasonable community relations expectations.