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Welcome to the Finance Department of the City of Oregon. This department maintains the city’s financial records including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, employee benefits, grants and financial reporting. We’re also responsible for assessments, fixed asset monitoring, risk management, purchasing, debt and investments.

In this section, you’ll find financial statements dating back to 2003, current year budget information, as well as accounts payable information City W-9 form and other relevant forms.

The City of Oregon now utilizes EFT (electronic funds transfer) payments to Accounts Payable vendors.  If you would like to receive payments from the City via an EFT payment, please complete the Request for Vendor EFT Authorization Form.

Please feel free to contact the Finance Department if you have any questions or comments.

It is the City of Oregon’s policy to pay all bills within thirty days or less. In order to facilitate prompt payment, we would like to take this opportunity to reacquaint you with our purchasing procedures:

  1. A current W-9 form needs to be on file in the Finance Department.
  2. A purchase order number is required at the time of the order. If there is no purchase order number provided at the time of the order, the purchase is not authorized by the City of Oregon.
  3. The vendor should include the purchase order number on all invoices in order to expedite payment. In the absence of a purchase order number, it will be assumed that this was not an authorized expenditure.
  4. All goods should be shipped to the department that placed the order. All invoices should be emailed to the Finance Department or mailed to:

City of Oregon
Attn: Finance Dept.
5330 Seaman Rd.
Oregon, OH 43616

For small routine purchases, a purchase/credit card may be used when accepted by the vendor. The vendor does not need to have a purchase order for purchase/credit card buying. However, we wish to restrict our vendor disbursements to one form of payment so if you are a vendor we pay routinely by check, we prefer to continue the purchase order/invoicing procedure with you.

When an invoice is mailed directly to the Finance Dept referencing our purchase order number, payment should be received in thirty days or less. If the invoice arrives without a purchase order number and/or the invoice is improperly addressed, payment may be delayed.

Discounts: If your company provides a cash discount for expedited payments and you offer a competitive quality product, departments are informed of the discounted savings.

Employees are not permitted to purchase personal items on the City’s account.

We look forward to a good business relationship with your company. Should you have any questions, please call Accounts Payable at 419-698-7029.


Oregon parcel information can be viewed using AREIS Online, located on the Lucas County website.  Searches can be completed by property address, parcel number or owner name.  Once a particular parcel has been found, a detailed menu located on the left hand side of the page is available to show various information.  To view special assessments for a property, click on the “Special Assessments” side menu option.

Deferred special assessment information can be obtained by calling the City of Oregon’s Assessment Office at 419-698-7030.  The property address or parcel number will be needed to obtain assessment information.

Questions regarding Lucas County Real Estate Tax Bills should be directed to Lucas County at 419-213-4305.

Financial Statements

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Community Housing Impact and Preservation

Lucas County, in partnership with the City of Oregon, is offering a Community Housing Impact and Preservation (CHIP) grant. This program is being administered by Great Lakes Community Action Partnership. Please contact GLCAP for information on this grant at 1-419-344-8911 or 1-800-775-9767.

For a list of organizations that MAY provide housing repair assistance, click here

Weatherization Program

Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) is offering caulking, weather stripping, insulation, and other services to eligible homes as part of its Weatherization Program.

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing

The State of Ohio Department of Development, Office of Housing and Community Partnerships (OHCP) requires all communities who receive Federal financial assistance to administer their programs and activities related to housing and community development in a manner that furthers the purposes of the Fair Housing Act, 42 U.S.C. Section 3601-3610, and consistent with other applicable provisions ensuring equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination.  This Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing report was produced on August 31, 2011.