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Do you like walking and biking in Oregon and Lucas County?  The Toledo-Lucas County Health Dept and its partners are working on an Active Transportation Plan to make walking and biking safer for everyone.  Tell us where and why via the Active Transportation Online Map. 

Visit  https://wikimapping.com/Lucas-County-ATP.html.


The Oregon Flood Relief and Erosion Control Project (OFRECP) was constructed in 2013 – 2015 along the west side of Wynn Road and the south side of Cedar Point Road in Oregon. The project relocated Amolsch Driftmeyer Ditch around the BP Refinery and combined it with two other drainage systems, Johlin Ditch and Heckman Ditch. The project also filled in the former Heckman Ditch alignment along the west side of Wynn Road, which was causing road failures due to erosion. Because the project relocated and filled existing ditches, mitigation of these areas was required by Section 404 and 401 of the Clean Water Act. The Army Corp of Engineers and Ohio EPA are responsible for governing these permits.

OFRECP 2013 Project Map - Proposed Project Layout

OFRECP Virtual Tour / Drone Video – 8/7/2020 - You Tube

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Urban runoff is a term used to describe the runoff that occurs during rain events in areas that have a high concentration of impervious surfaces, such as asphalt roadways, parking areas, sidewalks, and rooftops. Urban runoff typically contains contaminants such as sediment, nutrients, hydrocarbons, metals, and bacteria from a variety of sources within the watershed. To combat runoff contaminants, the City of Oregon has constructed the Urban Runoff Capture and Otter Creek Restoration Project. This project is located at the western end of Eastmoreland Blvd, west of Wheeling Street. Construction began in Fall of 2019 and was completed in Summer of 2020. By capturing and treating urban runoff, this project will benefit Otter Creek and the Western Basin of Lake Erie. The City of Oregon was successful in obtaining a $499,997 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) grant from the US EPA for design and construction.

May 22, 2019 Public Meeting Presentation

Urban Runoff Capture and Otter Creek Restoration Project Conceptual Plan

August 7, 2020 Virtual Tour / Drone Video - You Tube

‘Park with a Purpose’ (Buhoveckey, G & Gladwell, S., Properties, June 2021, p. 76).

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Letter to Community 6/9/2021

Friday, 07 May 2021 10:53

Oregon OH Rollin/ Food & Farm Market

The Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce and the City of Oregon have partnered to bring the Oregon community another year of Farm Market FUN with over 60 vendors!  

The next market is scheduled for Wednesday, August 4, 5-8pm!

Future market dates are September 1, and October 6 5-8 P.M. Admission is FREE!

2973 Dustin Road (Between Isaac Streets Dr. & Harbor Dr.)

For parking and vendor details follow the Oregon OH Rollin' Food and Farm Market Facebook page.



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Recycle Drop Off Sites

Fire Station 43 – 4421 Bay Shore Road
YMCA – 2960 Pickle Road
Oregon Municipal Complex – 5330 Seaman Road
Pearson Metropark – 4600 Starr Avenue
Click here for more detailed Recycling info in Lucas County