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2008 NEC Effective residential changes:

  • 210.4(B) Handle-ties are required on breakers serving common neutral (multi-wire) circuits.
  • 210.4(D) Wires of Multi-wire circuits shall be grouped (such as wire-tire) where entering from conduit into a panel if these are not a cable assembly.
  • 210.8(A)(2) Exceptions 1 and 2 (removed) Single receptacles are freezers and other receptacles in Garages are no longer exempt from GFCI.
  • 210.8(A)(3) Exceptions 1 and 2 (removed) Single receptacles at sump pumps and other receptacles in unfinished basements are no longer exempt from GFCI.
  • 210.12(B) AFCI protection (most likely in the form of circuit breakers) are required for outlets and lighting, smoke detectors, etc in:  Family rooms, dining Rooms, Living Rooms, Parlors, Libraries, Dens, Bedrooms, Sunrooms, Recreation Rooms, Closets, Hallways, or similar spaces.
  • 210.52(E)(3) All decks 20 sq ft or larger require receptacles.
  • 250.94 An external ground bar of a least 3 lugs or spaces is required to be mounted on or near the meter sockiet for the purpose of providing a ground for the telephone, cable, or others.
  • 406.11 ALL receptacles involved in or on a residential property are required to be tamper-resistant. (to include detached garages, shed, pole structures, swimming pools).