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The minimum for commercial and industrial projects is four (4) sets of sealed construction drawings and six (6) sets of site and utilities drawings along with your application.  For residential projects the minimum is three (3) sets of construction drawings and three (3) sets of site and utilities drawings along with your application.  You must also submit at least one (1) model energy report for every project, and one (1) site drainage permit.

The reason for a delay in the issuance of a certificate of plan approval and permit is the submittal of incomplete plans.  In order to insure a timely review of your plans, please review the submitter checklist prior to the initial submission of your plans. Find the plans review check list in OBBC Section 4101:2-1-19 for commercial projects or Ohio Residential Code Book Section 106 for residential. 

The City of Oregon Building & Zoning Inspection Department has jurisdiction in that they are a local certified building department for state of Ohio projects.  Please check with your Lucas Co Health Department regarding areas which do not have public sewer and/or public water.

Alterations: (decks, signs, awnings, retaining walls, sheds, interior demolitions, etc.) 
3 sets of plans
1 set of site plans

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression, Fire Alarm & Sprinklers: 
4 sets of plans and cut-sheets
4 sets of hydraulic calculations if applicable.

Swimming Pools: (in-ground and above ground) 
1 set of plans
1 set of site plans

1 set of plans
1 set of site plans
1 copy of certificate verifying fabric is flame resistant

Parking Lots and Excavation and Fill: 
3 sets of grading & elevation plans plus
2 sets of storm water calculations for site plans

No plans necessary. A separate application describing the structure to be demolished is required.  Also required is an inspection of the sanitary sewer kill and the water line termination.