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The permit fee for new buildings and additions, either commercial and residential, are based primarily on the square footage of construction using the fee schedule contained in Section 1361 OMC.  The Fee schedule is a grid based on the complexity and size (square footage) of the project.  A chart that allows you to compute your fees are not part of the building permit application form but is available upon request.  In order to issue a correct permit and certificate of occupancy, it is necessary for you to fill out all of the sections on the application form.  There is some work and some structures that do not relate to square footage and in those instances the permit fees are valuation based.  Other permit fees are based on the flat rates of work done as shown on each application form.

When filing building plans, the minimum fee due is $50.00 for zoning on any project plus a minimum plan examination fee of $60.00 for any OBBC work.  This makes up part of the fees due at application and must be paid at the time the plans are filed.