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A permit is required for all major repairs, alterations, new buildings and additions, most excavation and filling of land, swimming pools, ponds, installations of signs, sanitary and storm sewer installations, sidewalks, driveway approaches and paved parking areas greater than 800 square feet in area.  Permits without plans are also required for alteration or replacement of heating equipment, air conditioning equipment, boilers, plumbing system or any changes in the electrical systems.  Routine maintenance or minor work, both defined in the code, can generally be described as flat work on grade, painting, wallpapering, siding, replacement windows (no size change), or re-shingling roof and similar work which typically does not require a permit.

The following work does require a zoning permit but is exempt from building permits:

  • Storage sheds, located in a rear yard of a single family dwelling in accordance with the Zoning Code, which are not greater than 200 square feet in area and not taller than six feet in average height.
  • Play equipment not greater than 12-1/2 feet in height that is not enclosed and not provided with electric or heating equipment.
  • Changes in the occupancy of a building or tenant space.